Dental Care

Our Dental ServicesWe emphasize dental care at San Francisco Pet Hospital because the benefits of a healthy mouth go far beyond fresh breath. Pain while eating, infections, and even systemic disease are all hazards of neglecting oral health. And considering the pleasure your pet obviously gets from eating, a pain-free mouth is crucial to quality of life.

Unfortunately, cats and dogs won't cooperate by keeping their mouths wide open for cleaning or holding x-ray films between their teeth, so anesthesia is necessary. While this makes dental procedures expensive, we do our best to give you a realistic estimate of the charges ahead of time (we won't know exactly until we've looked at every tooth, probed the gums, and reviewed the x-rays).

In addition, many owners are reluctant to put their pets under anesthesia. Though we understand your concern, we can assure you that we do these procedures every day and will evaluate your pet's ability to undergo anesthesia with a thorough physical exam and blood tests ahead of time. In addition, our trusted nursing staff is both experienced and skilled at monitoring cats and dogs under anesthesia.

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